Gorky 17

Gorky 17

GAME DESCRIPTION . After examining the wreckage, NATO decides...

GAME DESCRIPTION. After examining the wreckage, NATO decides to leavethe lab as it is. But shortly afterwards the town's previously deserted streets are suddenly teeming with hordes of grotesquely deformedcreatures.

Word soon gets out to the media, making it impossible forNATO to simply destroy the site. So troops are ordered to hermeticallyseal the area. Nobody is allowed in or out.

A team of three NATOspecialists under the leadership of the Canadian Cole Sullivan is sent into examine the horrifying events on the ground. Will they discover theterrible secret of "Gorky 17"?

. And more important - will they live to tellabout it? Be prepared for intrigue, betrayal and even some romance. Asthe game goes on you'll develop ever stronger feelings for the mainfigures of this chilling adventure.

A host of multiple-choice dialogscenes present you with constant choices - many of which can havesome unpredictable effects. FEATURES. The combination of adventure, RPG and strategy elements gives the game a uniquely original feel The best of three genres - (1) exploration and interaction with a challenging world (adventure) (2) character build-up (RPG) and (3) challenging high-level tactical combat (strategy).

An easy-to-learn, intuitive, multi-faceted user interface. A spooky soundtrack lends each location a special atmosphere. The fully 3-dimensional real-time rendered characters are built from an extremely high number of polygons, with flexible skeleton animation and extremely detailed textures State-of-the-art backgrounds rendered with Real 3D.

A primarily bird's-eye view, with zoom-ins and variable camera angles for important scenes. A life-like environment with impressive 3D weather effects like rain, storms and lightning, plus hundreds of background animations.

Spectacular 3D effects for weapons, including transparencies, particle-based explosions, colored lighting, texture and vertex animations, etc.

Supports all D3D-compatible 3D accelerators using Direct X 6. 0 software renderer for computers without 3D cards. Minimum:PC with Pentium 200 MHz processor.

Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000. DirectXTM 6. 0 or higher. 32 MB RAM. 2 MB SVGA Graphics Adapter (DirectXTM compatible). DirectXTM compatible sound card.

Mouse and keyboard. 250 MB free disk space. Recommended:PC with Pentium II processor. Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000. DirectXTM 6. 0 or higher. 64 MB RAM.

600 MB free disk space.